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Asbestos, Lead & Mold Testing
What should you know to safely complete your demolition or remodeling project for all work in California ? 

- The ONLY way to determine if building materials in all structures do not contain asbestos is by employing a Cal OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) to perform sampling and laboratory analysis. Building materials that have not been determined to be "non-detected" for asbestos content by a CAC, should be considered asbestos containing. 

- NESHAP regulations & SCAQMD Rule 1403 require that all demolition & remodeling projects have a "Facility Survey" performed by a CAC

- Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) must be abated by a Department of Safety & Health (DOSH) licensed contractor

- SCAQMD requires 10 working days notification prior to the removal of >100 square feet of ACM

- A portion of the items required to obtain a demolition permit or remodeling permit from Cities and Counties included an asbestos survey report, a copy of the SCAQMD notification form for asbestos removal and a Notice of Completion for asbestos work. 

- Paint on all pre 1978 structures is considered to be Lead Based Paint (LBP) unless testing has been performed by a California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Certified Lead Inspector/Accessor to determine that the tested paint is not lead based by EPA standards

- Demolition projects require the stabilization and encapsulation of loose and flaking LBP, along with waste characterization for disposal purposes

- Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP Rule) requires firms that disturb LBP in homes be certified by EPA for Lead Safe Work Practices. Cal OSHA Title 8 CCR Section 1532.1 "Lead in Construction Standard" covers all construction work were employees may be exposed to lead

-It is illegal to create a lead hazard in California

Need an Asbestos Survey, Lead Inspection or Mold Inspection? 
Asbestos Survey 
Your CAC will collect Suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (SACM) and submit ea sample to a NVLAP accredited laboratory for analysis. A survey report will be completed with the laboratory results and with all required information on any ACM present.
Lead Based Paint (LBP) Testing
Asbestos Monitoring/Air Clearance
The project CAC performs on site visual inspections and air monitoring to ensure your project is performed properly. Final air clearance testing is only required in Public School projects, however it is recommended that an air clearance is performed
on all interior asbestos abatement projects.
Lead surveys, risk assessments and clearance sampling are performed by DPHS certified inspectors/assessors, project monitors and sampling technicians
Mold Inspections
Mold inspections can take the guess work out of remediation work and prevent contamination to both employees and occupants. Mold inspectors will determine the extent of moisture damage, create a work plan for safe remediation and perform visual/air clearances.
We will have a certified inspector contact you