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Mold Remediation 
We have provided mold remediation services for over 10 years performing residential, commercial and insurance mold remediation projects. Our clients praise us for providing logical, safe and professional remediation work. Simply put, we save our clients money through our experience and desire to perform only the necessary remediation required to properly perform our projects, while not making a project bigger than it needs to be. 
Are you in the process of having a mold remediation project performed? Make sure that your remediation company is not "Cutting Corners" while working on your project.
- Ensure Containments are properly sealed. We are seeing trend where we are taking over more and more remediation projects from remediation companies not sealing their containment areas. This will cross contaminate your structure, creating health hazards. 

- Containment, HEPA filtered air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are just a few engineering controls required to properly control airborne mold spores. Be aware of your handyman or plumber just removing dangerous mold from building materials. The health hazards are not worth the risk.

- Always use "Third Party" Certified Mold Inspectors or a CIH to perform clearance work. It is a conflict of interest for a remediation company to perform a clearance on their own work.